Message From Director

H&B Honey was incorporated and begins its operation in the year 2015. Ever since its incorporation, H&B Honey was managed and operated singly by its founder. After going through a restructure and reorganization during last quarter of 2020, a team of Thirteen (13) peoples was formed to ensure H&B Honey runs smoothly and achieve its objective and goal.

H&B Honey dedicated to provide 100% hand harvested PURE honey. We sell our honey through direct marketing (Face to Fae), Shopee, Lazada and Facebook. We will further expand our distribution network to local stores to increase our sales. 

Our Goal:-

– Health awareness, let more people’s understand the benefits of honey;

– Increase Brand of H&B Honey;

– Increase sales volume via online marketing; and

– Expand our distribution network of honey to store and retailers.

Our Vission and Objective:-

– Increase our followers on various social media sites by 10,000 in the first year;

– Expand brand awareness through social media with pictures, videos, online brochures, written updates;       

– Improve online and in-store sales of One (1) Tonnage per month by utilizing localized ads and promoting direct online sales; and

– Expand our distribution in Malaysia and overseas.

The type of Stingless Bee is: Trigona Itama