About Us

Welcome to H&B Honey!

Why choose H&B Honey?

Health & Beauty can both be found in our precious hand harvested organic honey from a pristine bee farm. If you are looking for the multi benefits of a health product or a product that will help you look younger and prettier, you will find all these benefits hidden within our bottle of Stingless Bee Honey (Madu Kelulut) (ι“Άθœ‚θœœ). H&B Honey truly is the essence of Health & Beauty. We also promote Premium Homebred Dried Birdnest and a range of quality Gaharu products bringing Health & Beauty to You and your Family.


Who are we?

H&B Honey specialize in making organic honey harvested from open pristine bee farm. Furthermore, we have a full team of dedicated staff specializing in the various stages of breeding, nurturing, harvesting and processing until our bottle of golden pure stingless bee honey reaches our valued customers. We maintain a high quality standard that will meet with our customer demand. 


How unique the Stingless Bee Honey taste like?

Stingless Bee Honey has a very unique taste of goodness. It has a sour taste tinged with a sweetness that make the honey delicious and tantalizing to your taste buds. You will want to have more of their uniquely delicious and healthy drinks; goodness that will benefit you and your family. 


How we deliver our product to customer doorstep?

Our product are delivered by local pioneer delivery courier company, we must ensure our product are well-packed to ensure it's quality meets customer requirement. and reach customer doorstep in good condition.


Is it safe to shop with us?

Absolutely safe, H&B Honey has Malaysian government SSM business registration (NS0146025-M) legitimate company certification and have a good reputation on selling Kelulut Bee Honey for years. Furthermore, our webpage are encrypted with 256-bit of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and payment system are encrypted with high security features to ensure our customers can shop happily without any doubt.