Rewards Points

Welcome to H&B Honey!

Every customer that shop in our website are eligible to get rewarded two type of Rewards Points:

H&B Rewards Point

H&B Rewards Points are special dedicated for our royal customer that purchase products in our website.

-To earn H&B Rewards Points, you will need to register an account with us.

-Total rewarded points will be state on each of our products.

-After a successful payment through our Payment Gateway, the rewards points will immediately issues to your account.

-H&B Rewards Points can be check through User Account Control Panel.

-For all purchases in MYR Channels or USD Channels, you will get 50 Rewards Points for every 5 Ringgit Malaysia you spent.

- H&B Rewards Points can be use to redeem OR use it at discount credit on any products that listed on our website. *Use H&B Rewards Point by pressing "View Card" on top right side bag icon*

B-Infinite (B-Card)

A premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward program, which allows members to collect points and redeem them at participating outlets and online merchants who are using MOLPay payment service.

-To earn BPoints, you will need to Sign Up a BCARD at

-After a successful payment through our MOLPay payment gatewat, the system will redirect you to payment confirmation page. Simply enter your BCARD number at the payment confirmation page and click "Earn Points".

-For all purchases in MYR channels, except Direct Maybank2u and PayPal, you will get 1 BPoint for every 5 Ringgit Malaysia you spent.

-BPoints will be awarded 45 days after the date of your purchases.

-Your BPoints will be expired 36 months after issuance, on a first in first out basis.

-Please visit to learn more about BCard and to redeem BPoints for discount coupon or cash voucher. You can also use BPoint to redemption our H&B Honey products by selecting BCard Chanel from Payment Options during payment gateway selection page.