Green Propolis - 10ml

Green Propolis - 10ml

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Did you know that Green Propolis is believed to be the best bee propolis in the world? It is renowned for its unique benefits and potencty hence it contains the largest amount of biologically available and unique variety of flavonoids. Green Propolis comes from rich plant resources and an unpolluted natural environment. 

Now its anti-cancerous effect is being studies internationally. Like any natural subtance, its composition is directly dependen on different factors, such as its botanical origin and the environmental conditions of its development. Green Propolis is the only having in its composition 6 to 8% Artepillin C (ARC)

Research indicates that Artepillin C present in Green Propolis has anti-cancerous effetc by decreasing the frequenct of pre-cancerous lesions, by inhibition of mitoses of cancerous cells and of angiogenesis within the tumor.



*Green Propolis has antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects

*B.Dracunculifolia in Green Propolis heals ulcers

*Green Propolis may treat AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) and skin damage induced by UV irradiation.

*Green Propolis has antitumor effects

*Green Propolis improves the liver metabolism and maintains the integrity of liver tissue in diabetes mellitus.

*Green Propolis boosts immunity.

*Green Propolis improve immune system.

*Green Propolis help in mouth sores.



To Use: Add 2 to 5 drops of Propolis Extract or Tincture to your morning coffee, water, oatmeal or a spoonful of honey. This can be added to anything you digest for an oral treatment, and the healing properties will gradually begin to benefit your body.

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